This Is All About You!
And Working together as a collective effort For Heaven's Sake

Terry Lee Artist and Musician here, I was asked by my Aunt Andy to make a bumper sticker that said "Do Something For heaven Sake!" and I try to do everything 4HeavenSake.
For Heaven Sake was created to encourage you to take the gifts you have been given and use them! I would like to feed people spiritual and physical food with music and community gatherings. Help me further this vision. Starting with the people in every large city of this country as possible. I played guitar for a lady named Nadine which was a cancer survivor in Dayton, Ohio who fed people at a place downtown every Sunday. She had people from around the community that helped and it was such an honor and a privilege to be there. Nadine has the "Heart For The Homeless". I was introduced by an ex-outlaw named Mickey Wax, Nadine was Mickey's hero. They made large kettles of food and she got donations from some really good folks there in Dayton. We met some of the most beautiful people and I was bringing musician friends there and they were truly blessed as we were humbled. I thank God for the opportunity. We weren't looking for fame of fortune from the charity and talent that was shared there. Honestly the only fame was the publicity from the opposition we were getting, and I have to be honest there will always be opposition. I have a vision of playing for more people. I am looking for people to help me fulfill this vision one city at a time, meanwhile bringing communities together in the process.

  If you are interested, enjoy live music, we are getting together on the peoples level. We Need Each Other! Everyone is important we all need each other more now than ever.         

Pictures  of Paradise
By Terry Lee and Friends

For Heaven Sake
I'm Home!

Print or copy and enjoy!


Waters Of Life and other
 by Artist Terry Lee

Welcome to our WEBSITE.
I have some art music, and photo's to share. To join our organization you have to be a member of the Body. We do ask that you support our organization through regular participation in listening to that still small voice. We follow the Spirit. Pray "4HeavenSake!"
I'll play music for anyone, for any occasion, Just call !
Terry Lee Artist and Musician at 937-898-9219


The gifts that The Creator Gave we freely give and receive. Don't be disconnected from the Body. We shall mount up with wings as Eagles! 
Terry Lee


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Please Leave Contact! Thanks Terry!

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The Everglades Artist

Original Art by Terry Lee

The Everglades Artist