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My name is Terry Lee   I have artwork at I have been living life for a half a century. A Father that is master of the universe. "No not the "Bug Man" my Dad was from Dayton, Ohio.
White Robe Ministries is a musical ministry to serve The Body Of Christ's Musicians. I am dedicated to serving musicians and challenging them to play......FOR FREE!
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Give "To The Glory Of The Creator"
and lead the people back to the "OLD PATH"
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Waters Of Life Art by Terry Lee
For Heaven Sake
One of my oldest memories of art are my Mother and grandmother painting and my mom painted Christ and Granny painted Emmett..........
Emmett Kelley 
Daisys Webs

Other Artist I Love

My Friend and mentor Florida Highwayman
S.M. Wells YouTube Video

S.M. "Sylvester" Wells
Highwayman S.M. Wells at High Springs, FL library Florida Highwaymen Artist